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[Vid Part 1] 1:30 Why Eli joined Navy; 2:30 How Eli became an officer; 3:30 Pearl Harbor; 5:55 What was it like during the war (fears/what job was); 9:30 What Eli thought of the war before U.S. involvement; [Vid Part 2] 2:34 Fears that Eli had; 3:30 What Eli thought about Japanese people; 4:59 What was Eli's opinion of Hitler; 10:57 Dropping of atomic bomb on Japan; 11:15 Working at atomic energy plant after war; 14:27 What was the opinion of Japanese internment; [NO MINUTE MARK] Camps by those in the Navy; 16:29 Dropping of atomic bomb; 17:32 Should WWII have happened; 18:40 Walking in Japan after bomb was dropped; 26:18 Finding a dead Japanese man in a cave; 28:50 Returning dog tags he took to Japanese family; 30:42 Joining the Navy and how he fainted giving blood; 36:41 Having a family during the war; [Vid Part 3] 3:30 Firing his weapon at Japanese; 4:57 Walking in Pearl Harbor after attack; 7:34 Surrender of Japan; 9:41 Returning home after the war; 13:35 How fear was dealt with during war; 15:38 End