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Oral history interview of Mr. Malcolm Baird. Interview conducted by Sharon Rodriguez at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida on 03/01/2018. Interview topics include, Introduction; Background information and family life; Elementary school and Higher Education; Talks about his father’s service in the Navy during WWII; Continuing education in the Navy; Talks about why he selected the Navy over the other branches in 1968; Talks about what drove him to become a Submariner; The influence of the Draft on his classmates; Basic training in Chicago; Advanced training at the Naval guided missile school and sonar training, ext; Talks about a typical day at guided missile school; Talks about bypassing Sub School and moving directly onto the Sub fleet; Meeting his wife while in college and deciding to marry while still in school; First duty station on the USS Thomas Edison as a replacement in Spain; Talks about Sub patrols in the Mediterranean and touring Europe; Becoming a qualified crew member on board the Edison; Interacting with locals while in various European ports; Communicating with home while away at sea "family-gram"; Qualifying in additional occupations on the Sub to become more versatile; "Blue Nose" and "Golden Dragon" sea passage qualifications; Tracking Russian Subs on patrol; Next assignment on board a sub repair ship in Guam; Talks about some of the various ports of call he visited in the Pacific; Re-enlisting in the Navy and a new assignment in Florida; Using his B.S. to attend Officer Candidate School in the Navy; Attended Sub School as an officer; Various Duties on board the Submarine; Description of sub life/ perceptions of life on board; Interacting with a Soviet Sub while on maneuvers; daily routine of living on a Nuclear Sub/ the importance of Food; Long range patrols lasting up to 90 days under water; Transferred to a diesel training Sub In the Western Pacific, took part in "Black ops" off of Chinese coast; Interacting with the locals in the Western Pacific; High standards of living while stationed in the Philippines; life after the Navy and continuing to travel with his wife; overall recollections of the difficulties on board an aging diesel Sub; Why he ultimately decided to leave the Navy; Post Navy Career and civilian sector employment; Influence of secondary education on Navy career; Commendations and medals; Final Thoughts; Conclusion.

Interview Date

Spring 2018

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RICHES University of Central Florida

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83 Minutes


Department of History, University of Central Florida


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University of Central Florida Libraries, Special Collections & University Archives

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UCF Community Veterans History Project

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