Veterans Oral Histories

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0:20 Birthplace; 0:35 Family; 1:20 Occupation before enlisting; 1:50 Opinion of Iranian Hostage Crisis; 2:35 Date of joining the Armed Forces/bootcamp location; 3:10 Reasons for joining; 4:02 Training; 4:26 Specialty; 5:00 Adapting to military life; 6:50 Places veteran served; 8:05 Combat experience/equipment; 10:00 Feelings about combat; 11:02 Closest meeting with the enemy; 12:30 Relationship with fellow soldiers; 14:00 Experience with soldiers; 17:00 Dealing with POWs and locals; 20:30 Recreation and off-duty pursuits; 24:06 Injuries received; 26:05 Near death experience; 27:22 Years served in the military; 29:22 Technological advancements; 31:57 Location where tour of duty ends; 33:26 Return home reception; 34:09 Returning to civilian life; 36:21 Contact with fellow veterans after tour of duty; 37:04 Experience with Coalition Exercise in Europe; 38:16 Goals for the future; 39:11 War-time experience effects on life; 40:27 Life lessons from military experience; 41:25 Recommend for anyone else