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0:28 April 1945, Bukinwald Concentration Camp; 1:49 War Ends; 2:20 Fight in Norway, 5 months; 3:30 Home at end of 1945; 3:41 Replacement Camp, Ft Devons, MA; 4:01 Trainer for Korean War; 4:19 1950, Tokyo to train South Korean soldiers; 4:50 Incheon, Hung Nam Landings, fight in Seoul; 5:08 Town of Tegu fighting; 6:41 Bronze Star for Valor, Hand to Hand Combat; 7:21 Injured in mine field; 8:00 Cheorwan; 10:20 Lose foot to mine; 10:49 Tokyo courier Helicopter find and saves life; 11:20 Hospital – injury, treatment, entertainment; 13:53 Supply Sergeant for two years, then medically retire; 14:20 Enlistment for WWII; brothers in service; 15:19 First days of service at Camp Hood, Texas; 15:58 665 Tank Destroyer Battalion; 16:55 Joins the First Special Service Force; 17:59 Specialize in hand to hand combat; 18:15 First jobs in France and Italy; 18:38 Mecina; 19:00 Naples, first bad combat; 20:10 Rome; 20:30 Battle of Dunkirk; Devil’s Brigade; 21:25 Land on French side of Montecarlo; 22:00 442nd Japanese American Battalion; 22:50 Normandy, work with Sword beach; 23:30 Liege, Belgium into Auchen Germany; 25:00 Salt mine filled with treasure; 25:40 Replacement Camp, war almost over; 26:00 Fight in Norway; 28:20 Time spent in Oslo, Norway; 30:50 Legion of Honor; 35:40 Almost Court Marshaled, wouldn’t ask men to do something dangerous; 37:50 Camp Liberator of Bukinwald; Holocaust Resource Center; speaking engagements; 50:25 Learn he had saved Elie Wiesel

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