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0:00 Childhood statistics; 1:05 College/National Guard/navy enlistment; 2:51 1952-OCSN-Boot Camp bypasses b/c of Nat’l Guard experience; 4:48 Active duty background-OCS/Newport, RI-joined ship Charleston, SC; 5:12 Discussed rank-went through ranks-started Seaman-3 stripes on sleeve then 1st Lt., jr grade-then Commanding Officer in Naval Air Reserve; 7:00 First tour of duty-7th Fleet-destroyer in Korean War; Personal goal to travel world on small ship; 8:32 Refitted ship left Charleston, went to Guantanamo Bay, left port; 10:00 Returned to Guantanamo, checked ship out, additional training, underway; 11:15 Went through Panama Canal-San Diego-Pearl Harbor-Midway Island; Yokosuka, Japan-ready for Korean assignment; 12:18 Patrolled east coast of Korea-18th parallel to Puson, South Korea; 13:24 Sustained damage in collision with USS Ault; 17:26 Further explanation of collision-his thoughts-his ship USS Haynsworth; 22:45 Description of methods to stabilize ship, limped to port for repair; 26:00 Discussion of R&R while ship being repaired-Lake Hakone near Mt. Fuji; 30:35 More discussion of R&R in Miyanoshita, Japan-small town; Fujiya Hotel taken over by US Navy for R&R for officers; 31:39 Description of Hunter/Killer division-keep enemy submarines from shore; 32:18 In port at Sasebo-maintain bomb line off Korean coast; 35:06 Further Tour of Duty-Sasebo-Indo China-passed Battle of Dien Ben Phu ;36:38 On to Singapore-Indian Ocean-Aiden, Arabia; 38:07 Through Red Sea-Suez Canal-Port Said, Egypt; 39:00 Transferred to 6th Fleet Battle Group at Naples, Italy; Operated as force in Mediterranean Sea-cities of Istanbul, Gibraltar, Italian coast, Marseilles, France-Palma, Majorica; 41:19 In port at Marseilles, France-R&R to Paris (Follies Berger); Marseilles-minor repairs, routine maintenance; 42:47 Back to Norfolk, Virginia from Mediterranean; 43:15 Attended engineering school-promoted to 1st Lt., jr grade; 44:05 Orders to USS Compton-sailed for Mediterranean; 45:10 1954-released from active duty-took job with Western Electric, NY; 46:03 Assigned to Naval Air Reserve-Aviation Technical Training Officer; 47:18 Participated in Overseas Audubon Project-had survey teams in Europe, Japan-surveyed small sites; 48:18 Went to Weisgarten, Germany-build communication systems-Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece; 49:08 Married wife, Marilyn, at Berchtesgarten, Germany; 50:35 Digresses to communication systems in Vietnam and Japan; 54:20 Back to Italy – Piza, Florence, Naples; 56:40 Digresses back to time in Weisgarten, Germany; Went to Great Britain-worked in Bayswater District, London-Communication systems; 59:01 Back to States – Naval Air Reserve; Promoted to Commander, Wing Staff Division-no ships; Flew supplies & personnel to destroyers in Bahamas & Caribbean during the Cuban Blockade