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0:00 Introduction of interviewee and interviewer; 0:15 Background and childhood of Rodney Smith; 1:30 The draft; 2:27 Basic Training; 3:26 Advanced Training; 4:30 Officers Candidate School; 4:54 Deployment to Germany; 5:49 interviewing the families of German girls to Marry American guys; 6:48 Auto-accident; 8:19 Ward 41 in Walter Reed Hospital; 10:28 Soldiers and brain injuries; 11:08 Clinical and psychological testing after injuries; 11:51 Release back to active duty; 12:20 First impressions of Vietnam; 13:15 What a soldier carried in Vietnam; 13:51 Original orders for Vietnam; 14:25 Reactions to being reassigned to the 1st Cav; 14:53 Life in a Combat situation; 16:37 Kill ratios; 17:19 Being lured into a trap; 17:40 Air support/other support; 19:23 Leave to Hong Kong; 20:48 The Animals, 'We gotta get out of this place'; 21:15 Relations with the local Vietnamese; 22:17 Widening of Big Red One base; 23:41 Attack into Cambodia; 24:29 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Disability benefits; 25:42 College; 26:25 If college benefitted him; 27:24 Marriage to his first wife; 28:25 Smiths family now; 29:20 Veterans Organizations; 30:39 Contact with people served with; 33:13 Country's largest Vietnam Veterans reunion; 37:18 Preparation for the reunion; 39:29 Feelings toward career military personnel; 39:56 Treatment of veterans; 41:49 Current state of the Country; 42:24 Every citizen should serve; 43:31 Conclusion of interview.