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0:10 Introduction; 0:34 Life Prior to enlistment; 1:00 Reason why she chose Air Force Reserve; 1:30 Parent's background; 2:03 Twin brother's background; 2:16 Family's response to her choice in enlisting in the Air Force Reserve; 3:06 Basic training; 4:16 Reaction to spending holidays away from family; 5:00 Most memorable moment of basic training; 7:00 Least memorable/worst moment of basic training; 10:30 More training after basic training; 10:58 'Pushing flights'; 11:57 Flying school: Kirtland Air Force base; 12:27 Views on training sufficiently preparing her for deployment to Afghanistan; 13:40 Feelings on being deployed to Afghanistan; 15:37 Initial reaction upon arrival; 16:52 'Color saturation issues'; 16:59 Description of Afghanistan; 17:28 Day to day responsibilities on base; 22:25 Joint Marine and British Air Base; 22:50 Working with British forces; 23:45 Other joint forces; 24:15 Connections/social life with other soldiers; 25:28 Pedro name being recognizable within rescue; 26:15 Sensation of being airborne; 27:15 Flying combat; 28:39 Reflection of being the first female gunner in the Air Force Reserve; 30:18* VIDEO CUTS TO NEW TITLE ON THE DVD; 32:33 Reflection on first ever female gunners; 34:03 Most memorable experience while deployed in Afghanistan; 34:14 First day in Afghanistan; 36:48 First night Afghanistan; 39:01 Least memorable memory of Afghanistan; 40:53 Troop moral; 41:43 Downtime; 43:16* HAD TO PAUSE INTERVIEW DUE TO SOMEONE AT THE DOOR; 43:39 Process of returning home; 46:46 Best overall experience in the Air Force Reserves/reflection on deployment; 49:01 Reflecting on re-acclimating to civilian life; 49:45 Conclusion/Thank you.