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0:10 Intro; 0:51 Question on why parents were against enlisting; 1:24 Anti-Semitism among comrades; 2:22 Feeling about anti-Jewish/American sentiment in Europe; 2:58 Girlfriends and other acquaintances in Europe; 3:51 Mail from home; spouse interjects at; 4:40 about father’s antigun sentiment; 4:56 Reasons for joining Army – moral obligations; drafted into 106th infantry; 5:27 Air School in Miami/Cleveland; 6:25 Aquitania Passenger ship overseas – no escort; 6:54 Shipped into Wales; 7:04 Where were you sent? 6x6 vehicle to Antwerp; 7:42 Battle of the Bulge – went right into; 7:50 Wounded – 25, 25, 26 of January; 8:30 Not seriously wounded – knocked unconscious; 8:48 Job scouting with Lt. Dale – Radio Op; Directed artillery fire – forward observer; 9:52 Saw enemy close up – many times; 10:36 Slit trench (like a foxhole) to sleep in; 11:35 K-rations and C-rations; transfers; 12:30 No down time – always moving; 14:24 Took over houses – food still on the tables; 14:50 Filled canisters with wine; 15:10 Natives got out of the way; 16:18 Day injured – stood with radios with new recruit – McGooch (his birthday); spouse interjects; 17:40 1/15/45 – Mortar attack – knocked unconscious; 19:07 Walked to first aid station with shrapnel in back; McGooch killed; 19:35 War over – reunion in graveyard in Luxembourg where McGooch buried; 21:07 Night before wounded – Provedreoux France – Salm Chateau; 21:40 Finally got into 101 or the 82nd airborne; general orders him to sleep in a barn – dead bodies stored there; 23:00 Obtained rank of corporal after one week in army due to ROTC; 24:45 Never saw guns go off because always on the front line; 25:45 106th partially decimated during Battle of the Bulge; 27:35 Liberation of refugee camps – on Rhine – Dusburg Germany; 28:55 Refugee camps on foot; 30:02 Could speak a tiny bit of German – unable to communicate much with refugees or Germans; 31:25 Transitions; 31:48 Colmar another battle was in – heard German voices; 32:50 Did not drive further into Germany - East; 33:33 Cigarette Camps; 34:00 Went back to school at University of Shrivenham, in London; 34:55 Went to school – Professor Quackenbush; 36:00 Returned home on a liberty ship – took almost three weeks; 36:38 Lost all of his money place poker; spouse interjects about Shrivenham; 37:28 They assumed he was a lieutenant (compared to his lieutenant); 38:08 Awarding of points; 38:25 Awarded Bronze Star; 39:40 Germans were better soldiers – but spirit of camaraderie in USA; spouse interjects; 41:13 Outfit under Patton – started digging slit trenches – wouldn't dig foxholes; 43:15 Leveland Texas to meet Lt. Dale; 43:45 Met – hugged and cried; describes Lt. Dale; other meetings; 45:40 Lt. Dale one of the most unusual men – outstanding; 46:10 UF had compulsory ROTC – horse drawn artillery, learning the basics; 47:10 106th – used to call them “hungry and sick” (bad leadership); 47:45 75th; 48:00 They didn’t call it bootcamp – Ft. Jackson, SC; 48:45 Miami Beach – not a flier, but bombardier; 49:15 Fenn College; 49:55 75th Infantry Reunion, Niagara Falls; Keep in touch; 50:35 Saw James Colliard and Don Minard – original man had problem with jew; 51:15 Felt very fortunate to have survived