Organizers: Anita Gabbard and Tom Diaz


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Discover the Diversity and Inclusive courses and videos through LinkedIn Learning with the attached clickable interactive PDF. Series 4 featured Black History Month related content.


As we celebrate Black History during the month of February, the Academic Affairs Diversity Task Force would like to remind the staff of a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. Discover the Diversity and Inclusive courses and videos through LinkedIn Learning.

This month’s flyer material featuring Race & Ethnicity as the theme and is the fourth in the series of 12. Take advantage of these great resources from a trusted source like LinkedIn Learning where you can:

  • Access expert-led courses;
  • Earn a certificate when courses are completed and add to your training summary in myUCF;
  • Receive course recommendations tailored to you;
  • Use project files and quizzes to practice while you learn;
  • View courses or videos anytime on your computer or phone;
  • Build interpersonal communication;
  • Encourage creativity and productivity;
  • Improve employee engagement;
  • And create a great working environment for all.

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