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From the artist statement:

This artist book is the culmination of my thesis research and artistic endeavors at UCF. “Caribbean Book of Beasts” and my thesis “Illuminated Books: A Voyage of the Verbal-Visual and Caribbean Folklore go hand in hand. The structure is a star book, with three colored vellum panels and two golden mulberry paper panels. The blue vellum imitates the darkness of the night, while the gold mulberry gives a nod to gilded illuminated books and bestiaries of the past. It may be viewed in its carousel form or as an accordion. It tells a story of admiration, prudence, and remembrance for Caribbean monsters of myth, particularly in a Guyanese context. The imagery is of a young girl growing older and meeting these beasts across her life. The imagery illuminates the text, but it is twofold. Once the back panel of the star book is removed, the audience may hold it up to the light to reveal the Caribbean Beasts. The book is illuminated, literally and figuratively. As a research project that pulls from illuminated books and bestiaries it contextualizes and reinvents both types of books in the modern-day and holds cultural significance as well.




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