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Davy board, cardstock, wood bead, crotchet thread


Inspiration comes in waves for me. I could be inspired by what I see, hear, and do. Creating cat drawings was always constant with ever since my second cat found his way to my front pouch. These drawings or doodles are never planned as I have no image of them in my mind while my hand does the all the work. It's like a Zen moment for me as I shut my brain down for only a few minutes so it can allow my hand to work one stroke at a time creating a perfect image. Once my brain is aware of what's going on it yanks back trying to take control causing the split moment of inspiration to crumble in my hands leaving me with just little lines on the paper. At that moment, I'm the cat being help by my scruff and the inspiration is the ball of yarn that I can no longer reach and bat around giving me that perfect moment where it's just me and the yarn.


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