In Your Car


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Artist Statement:

In Your Car is a project on grief and the passage of time. Throughout the process of assembling this work, I thought about the motif that car rides have become in my life. I hold countless memories of sitting in countless passenger seats with countless people I have loved. Some of those people are gone now; many of them have never met the version of myself visible in the side mirror today, someone entirely different from the past versions I search for in the rearview. The imagery was inspired by the childlike motion of waving one’s hand out a car window, rising and falling on the wind. The middle row of flags depicts this using photos of my own hand next to a passenger mirror; when the flag book is opened, its motion creates a ripple effect, and this sense of movement is carried by the progression of hands. Gavin Inman provided photographs of a tree-lined road in my hometown for the top and bottom rows. Viewed as a whole, the flags depict a car’s forward motion along this road, the passenger’s hand trailing along with it. The solvent transfer makes the photos appear somewhat dated, like overexposed film. This contributes to the theme of nostalgia; the viewer might feel as if they are looking back in time to heir own childhood. The solvent transfer’s haziness also evokes a sense of trying to grasp fleeting and fading memories.




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