Dayton (Ohio); Flight; Aviation; Wright; Orville; 1871-1948; Wright; Wilbur; 1867-1912; Anniversaries; Marketing research; Economic forecasting; Tourism


In 2003, Dayton was to produce an international yearlong celebration of the Centennial of Powered Flight. The 2003 Committee authorized Harrison Price Company (HPC) to prepare a Feasibility and Economic Planning Study for the Festival of Flight. In follow-up to the Dayton site visit by Buzz Price and Mike Mitchell August 19 - 21, 1997 Harrison Price Company (HPC) was asked to submit a preliminary outline by September 15th concerning the developmental issues that needed to be addressed by the Committee. The report includes two sections: I. Study Scope and Methodology and II. Key Developmental Issues. HPC identified 14 key developmental issues that need to be addressed by the Committee during this phase of the project development: 1. Define the scope of the program; 2. Determine the physical residuals desired out of the program; 3. Define the continuing impact of the Centennial on cultural programs; 4. Ascertain achievable economic benefits; 5. Define the message the Committee wants promoted, 6. Ascertaining financial requirements; 7. Establish an appropriate management system; 8. Design an outreach campaign; 9. Develop a licensing program; 10. Understand the role of the national historical park sites; 11. Size program elements; 12. Determine a need for visitor services; 13. Scheduling; 14. Create a program identity package.


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Dayton (OH); The Centennial of Flight; Fairs; Expositions; Celebrations; Tourism; Economic research; Market research; Wright Brothers; Aviation; Flight


Dayton (Ohio)



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