Paseo del Rio (San Antonio; Tex.); Real estate development; Tourism; Marketing research; Economic forecasting; Business planning


A draft version of a study of the historical development of the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. Harrison Price Company (HPC) isolated factors which appear to have contributed to the success of the River Walk as well as factors that delayed success. HPC conducted a search of historical literature on key development events relating to the San Antonio River Walk. The 30-year period covered was 1962 through 1994. Profiled the hotel industry in downtown San Antonio from 1965 through 1994: chronicling the number of rooms available, occupied rooms, and average daily room rate. Developed a time line for developments along the River Walk, including hotels, restaurants and retail outlets. Prepared a profile of all the businesses along the River Walk. Interviewed key participants in the development of the River Walk to gain insights as to how decisions were made regarding land use and transportation. Reviewed the operating history of the water taxi services. Determined the degree to which public participation contributed to the development of River Walk amenities. Investigated how the River Walk is managed, policed and maintained. Quantified certain economic indicators for the San Antonio downtown market including office building occupancies, retail sales, and convention attendance. Prepared a comprehensive time line correlating various economic factors with key events in the development of the River Walk.


Keeling, John M.


Harrison Price Company


The Woodlands, Texas

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River Walk; San Antonio (Tex.); Real estate development; Hotels; Restaurants; Retail shops; Convention Centers; Tourism; Marketing research; Economic forecasting


San Antonio (Tex.)



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