Universal City (Calif.); MCA; Inc.; Restaurants; Stores; Retail; Discotheques; Music; Theaters; Motion picture theaters; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


This report was prepared by Economics Research Associates (ERA) for MCA Recreation Services in 1973. MCA was interested in developing an evening entertainment complex on 2.5 acres of prime property adjacent to the Universal City tour center and its existing parking facilities. Included in the concept were a multiple-screen movie theater, a cabaret featuring folk rock music, an outdoor entertainment plaza area, and a discotheque offering hard rock music and dancing. The inclusion of a small legitimate theater and supporting restaurant facilities has also been considered. These facilities would be integrated with the existing amphitheater and would be improved by the addition of 1,200 seats (to a total of 5,000) and a sound baffling site modification. Extensive attention was addressed to the number and type of movie theaters that should be included in the complex. Although considerable potential for specialty shopping would be generated by the complex, analysis of the type of supporting retail space has been excluded from the objectives of this study. The primary objectives of the study were as follows: ascertain the potential market support for the complex; establish priorities for the various components of the complex and outline a phased plan of development indicating the mix and size of facilities which can be justified by the projected attendance taking into consideration seasonality factors; develop a pro forma financial analysis of the recommended development plan. The report includes 12 tables and an appendix.


McCarthy, James H.; Mikus, Paul R.; Price, Harrison A.


Economics Research Associates (Los Angeles, CA)


MCA Recreation Services

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Universal City (Calif.); MCA, Inc.; Universal City Tour Center; Universal City Entertainment Center; Real estate development; Discos; Movie theaters; Music theaters; Restaurants; Retail stores; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


Universal City (Calif.)



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