Florida; Orlando (Fla.); Project Future; Walt Disney World (Fla.); EPCOT Center (Fla.); Amusement parks; Business planning; Marketing research; Economic Research; Real estate development; Design; Feasibility studies; Tourism


1965—Walt Disney Productions has had development of a theme park in Florida under consideration for several years. Recognizing Disneyland's impact on the Anaheim economy, Project Future was envisioned as taking full advantage of the vast potential of a Disney theme park as an economic catalyst to build a complete community. Considerable research previously was completed on a possible Florida project to help in selecting a suitable site and to estimate the impact and economic rewards of such a development if carried to completion. The purpose of this report is to formulate an economic master plan for Project Future, incorporating the contributions of previous research. A site for the development has been chosen about 7 miles southwest of Orlando on Interstate Highway 4. By measuring market support and determining economic feasibility of an appropriate configuration of land use at the site, the master plan will serve as the starting point of an integrated, phased development program. Its principal function is to identify categories of potential investment and to estimate their contribution to overall development, thereby sharpening and focusing project concepts. The economic master plan thus will permit physical planning to proceed on a realistic basis, leading in turn to precise construction and financial planning. The economic master plan rests in part upon the contributions of previous research into Florida tourism and the Orlando area economic base. This stage of planning, however, required information in considerably greater depth, and previously unpublished data were developed from the confidential files of the Florida Development Commission and by original research conducted in Florida. This material is presented in the two sections of the report immediately following the summary and conclusions. Detailed analysis of each land use appropriate to Project Future makes up the remainder of the report. This report includes 52 tables.


Shedlock, Robert E.; Kelly, Lawrence W.; Price, Harrison A.


Economics Research Associates (Los Angeles, CA)


Walt Disney Productions

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Orlando (Fla.); Project Future; Walt Disney World; EPCOT; Master plans; Market research; Economic research; Tourism


Orlando (Fla.)



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