Palm Beach County (Fla.); City of Tomorrow; WED Enterprises; Real estate development; Amusement parks; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


WED Enterprises, Inc., the National Broadcasting Company, Radio Corporation of America, and Mr. John D. McArthur have been jointly exploring and evaluating participation in a major community development and recreation enterprise known at this time as the City of Tomorrow. The project is concerned with the development of a new city on 5,000 to 6,000 acres of land owned or optioned by Mr. McArthur to the north and west of Palm Beach, Florida. Advanced concepts of architectural design and technological improvement are to be incorporated in all phases of the town development. The project is also concerned with the creation of a major tourist attraction, a family recreation, amusement, and exposition theme park. In combination, these two elements of the composite project are to dramatize the impact of technology on our daily life present and future in a world renowned institutional and recreational showplace. In connection with this proposed undertaking, Economics Research Associates was requested on November 23, 1959 to assemble available economic data on Florida population and tourism as a basis for tentatively evaluating the outlook for the park development phase of this project. Thus, this report endeavors to ascertain whether or not the local and tourist populations in Florida will provide adequate support for a major park development and the extent of competitive conflict with Disneyland in California. Although this report endeavors to present preliminary data concerning the economic characteristics and setting of the Palm Beach Area, it does not in this phase of work attempt to evaluate the economic feasibility of the town development project. The report has the following sections: 1) introduction, 2) Florida population, 3) tourist activity, 4) projected attendance for a theme park in Southeast Florida, 5) the economic setting of Palm Beach County, 6) summary and conclusions. The report includes 16 tables.


Price, Harrison; Lorimer, Robert L.


Economics Research Associates


WED Enterprises

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Palm Beach County (Fla.); WED Enterprises; The City of Tomorrow; Theme parks; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


Palm Beach County (Fla.)



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