Universal City (Calif.); MCA; Inc.; Restaurants; Stores; Retail; Discotheques; Music; Theaters; Motion picture theaters; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


Universal City, owned by MCA Inc., encompassed some 410 acres adjacent to the Hollywood Freeway, gateway to suburban San Fernando Valley. In 1967, television and motion picture operations occupied approximately 200 acres of the total. MCA management believed that in future years approximately 140 acres would be adequate for studio operations. Economics Research Associates was retained to determine an appropriate land use program for the remaining 270 acres. Earlier studies completed since 1963 indicated the optimum development program was a mixture of urban land uses, including 1, 250,000 square feet of commercial office space, 3,000 high rise and garden apartment units, a 1, 500-room hotel complex, and retail shopping facilities. Market support for the recommended development program was discussed in the ERA study dated January 13, 1966, entitled Optimum Land Development Program for Universal City. The resulting report has following sections: 1) introduction, 2) summary and conclusions, 3) financial evaluation, 4) implementation of recreation development with the Universal City Master Plan. The report includes 38 tables.


Butcher, Daryl J.; Price, Harrison; Whitsett, John F.; Lund, William S.


Economics Research Associates (Los Angeles, CA)


MCA Recreation Services

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Universal City (Calif.); MCA, Inc.; Universal City Tour Center; Universal City Entertainment Center; Real estate development; Discos; Movie theaters; Music theaters; Restaurants; Retail stores; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


Los Angeles (Calif.)



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