Universal City (Calif.); Revue Studios; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


Over the years the Revue Studio properties, often referred to as Universal City, developed into the most extensive and elaborate movie set complex in Southern California. These sets consist of city, village, and country scenes depicting the cultures of many nations during various periods in history. These thematic settings combine to form a fascinating chronology and history of the movie business. Southern California residents and tourists have always manifested an interest in visiting the studios in this area without much opportunity to do so because of restrictions and prohibitions on visitor traffic. The Tanner Bus Company conducted a daily bus tour (Monday - Friday) through Revue Studios. In 1961, this was the only movie studio with daily public tours. Management at Revue Studios, by opening its grounds to the Tanner tour, recognized the potentially strong visitor interest in the studios and went a step further to inquire into the potentials of a Revu Studio tour as a major recreational attraction in Southern California. In this connection, Economics Research Associates was retained in April, 1961, to determine the economic outlook for such an attraction. The first objective of this work was to determine the economic potentials of operating the Revue Studios Set Village as a major tourist attraction in Southern California. The second objective was to provide detailed planning factors for all classes and categories of activity at the proposed tourist attraction consistent with projections of attendance. The resulting report has the following sections: 1) introduction, 2) criteria for estimating attendance, 3) attendance estimates, 4) visitor characteristics, 5) planning factors, and 6) financial analysis. There are 33 tables.


Lund, William S.; Price, Harrison A.; Lorimer, Robert L.


Economics Research Associates


Revue Studios

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Universal City (Calif.); Revue Studios; Revue Studios Set Village; Studio tours; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


Universal City (Calif.)



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