Orlando (Fla.); Walt Disney World Resort (Fla.); EPCOT Center (Fla.); Universal Studios Florida (Orlando; Fla. : Amusement park); Busch Gardens (Tampa; Fla.); Tourism; Consumers' preferences; Market research; Economic research


In 1980, prior to the completion of EPCOT, a major study was conducted to measure potential interest in visiting both, Universal Studios Tour in Orlando and EPCOT, and how these parks would impact existing attractions. The 1980 study was conducted over several months amongst 1,021 overnight visitors to Orlando, and utilized verbal descriptions and audio tapes to describe both the Universal concept and that of EPCOT. The results of the 1980 study indicated extremely high interest in both Universal and EPCOT, and strong opportunity for both attractions. However, EPCOT has since opened, creating a condition that obviously must be addressed in evaluating the current level of opportunity for Universal Studios Tour Florida. To determine the potential impact of the new marketplace reality in Orlando, it was decided in 1983 to repeat the basic study among 600 overnight visitors to Orlando, utilizing the same questionnaire procedures as feasible and interviewing over a multi-month time span to cover possible variation by time period. Further, as EPCOT was already a reality, it was also felt important to represent the feelings of people who had already visited the attraction as well as those planning to visit. Thus, our sampling plan included both types of visitors. The 1983 report has the following sections: method (research design total study); summary; findings; overall reaction to concept; diagnostics; appendices: questionnaire, description of attractions and prices.


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Orlando (Fla.); Walt Disney World Resort (Fla.); Magic Kingdom; Epcot; Universal Studios Tour Florida; Busch Gardens; Sea World; Circus World; Attractions; Consumers' preferences; Attendance; Market research; Economic research


Orlando (Fla.)



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