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The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) of the City of Los Angeles was engaged in a 30-year effort to revitalize Hollywood. A key to this effort was the maintenance of the economic health of the entertainment industry businesses which have historically been the backbone of the community's economy. The CRA was concerned that continued out migration of entertainment industry businesses to surrounding areas such as Burbank, Miracle Mile, West Hollywood and West Los Angeles would negatively affect the long-term health of Hollywood's resident and commercial base. Accordingly, the agency elected to prepare an Action Plan aimed at enhancing Hollywood's position as a desirable location for entertainment industry businesses. The work program associated with preparing this plan was conducted in two steps; 1) compilation of entertainment industry input on key issues, and 2) preparation of an Action Plan based on specific industry needs identified in step 1. To provide direct industry input Harrison Price Company (HPC) conducted a workshop providing a structured discussion of industry problems and opportunities as they relate to conditions in Hollywood and the CRA's ability to improve them. A group of executives from all facets of the entertainment industry was invited to an all-day workshop held in a private dining room at the Paramount Pictures Commissary on September 20, 1991. Participation in the workshop is identified in Appendix Table 1. The agenda for the workshop is presented in Appendix Table 2. HPC prepared a distillation of the workshop findings which then served as a reference point for the development of the Action Plan by HPC, agency staff, and the Economic Development and Transportation Committee. The following report summarizes the work performed. It begins with some pertinent background information on the current status of the entertainment industry. A distillation of workshop discussions and findings are then presented, followed by a recommended Action Plan. It should be noted that while the focus of this study is on actions the CRA can take to attract and hold entertainment industry businesses in the "project area" several important peripheral issues are discussed. These include needs and concerns of the entertainment industry which are outside the purview of the Agency, or extend beyond the interests of the industry and were already being evaluated by the Agency. Such issues were given special notice in the text.


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Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif.); Appraisal and Valuations; Economic Impact Evaluations; Economic development; Entertainment industry; Market research; Tourism


Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif.)



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