Universal City (Calif.); MCA; Inc.; Stores; Retail; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


1966—over the past several years Economics Research Associates has made several studies for developing a 410-acre incorporated city in Los Angeles -- Universal City. The city, owned by MCA, Inc., includes production facilities of Universal Studios and its subsidiaries, but a large portion of the land is vacant. Since acquiring the property, MCA has devised a master plan for developing the unimproved areas. The plan includes 1,500 hotel rooms, apartments, and a retail complex. Two features of the plan already in operation are the Universal Studio Tour and a tour center recreation complex. A 500-room hotel is near the ground-breaking stage. Plans for the retail center involve a unique concept the management of MCA wishes to test. What would be the effect of a concentration of the country's finest merchandising specialty shops, names such as Tiffany, Steuben, A. Sulka, and Bergdorf. Goodman? Inclusion of a limited-line department store branch of a company such as Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman-Marcus is another possibility under consideration. MCA asked Economics Research Associates to determine if the concept's potential justifies allocation of the substantial amount of time, money, and resources needed to bring it to fruition. Economics Research Associates was not asked to evaluate the likelihood of MCA's inducing merchants to locate in the center, but rather the concept's validity and the probable performance of such a complex if developed. The research was directed tow500ard answering questions related to potential sales volume, typical percentage rental rates, size, tenant composition, and recommended location within Universal City. The resulting report presents a program for implementing the proposed concept rather than an analysis of Universal City as a retailing location. The resulting report has the following sections: introduction, 1) summary and conclusions, 2) analysis of Universal City site and its environment, 3) selecting a site for the retail center, 4) other retail centers and their significance for Universal City, 5) determining market support for the proposed Universal City retail plaza, 6) implementation. The report includes the following appendices: A) partial tenet lists of selected tourist and recreation-oriented specialty centers, B) hypothetical configuration and rent schedule for the Universal City Retail Plaza, C) Calculation of parking requirements for the Universal City Studio Center, Hollywood Museum, Retail Plaza, and 1,500 room hotel complex. The report includes 12 tables.


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Universal City (Calif.); MCA, Inc.; Retail stores; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism; Business planning


Universal City (Calif.)



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