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In June of 1996, MCA requested that Harrison Price Company (HPC) review the expansion potentials of CityWalk once again, this time with the advantage of three years' operating experience. The proposal written in response to that request contained these tasks: CityWalk and its theater complex lead the way in defining a new concept for a mixed venue urban entertainment mix. The question before the house is how far to drive it? What is its rational expandability? The sequence of work contemplated is as follows: 1. Define attendance and revenue generation in existing Universal City elements 1990-1995, including the tour, cineplex, amphitheater, and CityWalk retail, food service and entertainment. 2. Examine the impact of CityWalk on other Universal City elements. 3. Establish the resident trading area of CityWalk and compute market size and attendance from local and tourist sources. Evaluate similar distribution in other elements of Universal City. 4. Assess what the Southern California competition is achieving in revenue generation in prime retail, entertainment, and attraction complexes. 5. Compute rational strategic planning objectives taking into account: venue distribution, available space interplay and synergism of existing elements,achievable market penetration goals, and balance of the mix. 6. Comment on leasing, joint venturing, and operating modes and their impact on profitability.


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Universal City (Calif.); Universal City Studios; Universal CityWalk; IMAX 3D; Universal City (Calif.); Tourism; Marketing research; Financial analysis; Business analysis


Universal City (Calif.)



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