Fiesta Texas; San Antonio (Tex.); Amusement parks; Business planning; Market research; Economic forecasting; Tourism


In early June, 1995, Fiesta Texas management met with Harrison Price of the Harrison Price Company (HPC) and Dennis Spiegel of International Theme Park Services (ITPS) to discuss redevelopment and strategic options with the aim of identifying and defining problems facing the organization. Out of that meeting the writing of a preliminary summary strategic business plan was authorized. It would attempt to express where the park was in its marketplace, and what might be done to improve its economic performance. Management requested that three alternative options be addressed and evaluated in the course of the work: 1. reducing costs (expenses plus cost of goods sold) from $53 million to approximately $40 million 2. infusing new capital additions 3. operating as is with modest capital additions. The objective of that short form business strategy was to identify and evaluate the following forces and conditions influencing the performance of the park: 1. the market outlook 2. capacity and balance within the park 3. generated per capita expenditures 4. departmental and overall profitability 5. strengths and weaknesses of the park 6. the market niche of the offered product. As a final step, at the conclusion of the operational and economic review, a five-year strategy is presented which represents the best option or options for ownership. Projected economic results of that strategy are presented over the five-year period 1995-2000.


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Fiesta Texas; San Antonio (Tex.); Appraisals and valuations; Commercial attractions; Theme parks and attraction parks; Economic analysis; Market research


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