Dayton (Ohio); Flight; Aviation; Wright; Orville; 1871-1948; Wright; Wilbur; 1867-1912; Anniversaries; Marketing research; Economic forecasting; Tourism


In 2003 Dayton will produce an international yearlong celebration of the Centennial of Powered Flight. The 2003 Committee authorized Harrison Price Company (HPC) to prepare a Feasibility and Economic Planning Study for the Festival of Flight. The study is divided into nine sections including this Introduction which describes the Centennial of Flight background, the purpose of the 2003 Committee, the role and structure of the National Historic park and the study scope and methodology. Section two, Program Concept Parameters, outlines the content of the program. This includes programmatic content, and descriptions of the Festival of Flight program, Air Force Museum programs supporting the Centennial, the air show. Dayton Art Institute aviation programs for 2003. Carillon Park program at Wright Hall. Aviation Trail programs, and the several Task Force events. Section three, Market Environment, analyzes the visitor opportunity including a description of the existing tourism market, regional accommodations, and attendance projections at the various Centennial Programs. Section four, Attendance Estimates and Economic Guidelines, covers financial projections. Within this material is an analysis of attendance projections, revenue sources from admissions, food and beverage revenues. merchandise revenues and outside funding sources. Projected operating costs are estimated to determine the net financial position of the event. In Section five, Economic Impact, the report details the economic impact of the Centennial. Section six, Management Requirements, proposes a management structure, contractual relations with Task Force implementors and staffing requirements. The Marketing and Licensing Program is presented in Section seven and Section eight, Developmental Timeline, provides a time line for pre-Centennial mileposts. Section nine summarizes the implementation and conclusions of the study.


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Dayton (OH); The Centennial of Flight; Fairs; Expositions; Celebrations; Tourism; Economic research; Market research; Wright Brothers; Aviation; Flight


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