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Special Study Time Required To See Disneyland Attractions of 1957


Anaheim (Calif.); Disneyland (Calif.); Time study; Amusement rides


An inter-office communication of Disneyland, Inc. dated January 9, 1958 sent from Jack Sayers to "ALL CONCERNED" and carbon copied to Walt Disney, Card Walker, Donn Tatum, Bill Cottrell, Ed Ettinger, and Doc Lemmon. This special survey was conducted to determine the approximate time required for the average Disneyland guest to see and enjoy all existing Disneyland attractions. Disneyland, Inc. was considering varied possibilities for periphery property development and felt the existing attractions within the Disneyland berm should be considered first.

To carry out the survey Evelyn Heupel was asked to attempt to go through the Park as a guest. She was provided with sufficient 15 ride books to make a complete tour. At the end of her tour she had used three ticket books. The survey was conducted during the week of December 9, 1957. In summary, she found it would take approximately 19 hours and 11 minutes to see all Disney attractions, go to the restroom, and shop.


Jack Sayers; Disneyland, Inc.


Disneyland, Inc.

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Anaheim (Calif.); Disneyland (Calif.); Time studies; Attractions; Rides


Anaheim (Calif.)

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