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Development Potentials of Costa Smeralda Sardinia, Italy


Sardinia; Italy; Seaside resorts; Real estate development; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Aga Khan IV; 1936-


An international consortium, presided over by His Highness The Aga Khan, was engaged in developing the Costa Smeralda area of Sardinia as a major destination resort and residential area. The consortium owned in excess of 25,000 acres on the northeastern coast of Sardinia. A major resort area of the type envisioned would create substantial demand for commercial and residential development. To provide a sound basis for economic planning for the Costa Smeralda master plan, Economics Research Associates (ERA) were retained to project market potential for residential and commercial land uses and tourist demand for existing and proposed hotel accommodations. The report is divided into three parts. Part 1, factors influencing development has the following four sections: introduction, section 1) factors influencing tourism in Europe, section 2) comparative resort development patterns, section 3) European residential resort market, section 4) comparative development factors. Part 2, Costa Smeralda development programs has the following four sections: section 1) residential development, section 2) commercial development, section 3) recreation development, section 4) other planning considerations. Part 3, financial implications of development programs, financial implications, projected revenues, projected expenses, financial evaluation of development alternatives. The report has two appendices: A) economic environment, B) forms utilized in the survey of competitive Mediterranean resorts.


Economics Research Associates


His Highness The Aga Khan; Aga Khan IV, 1936-

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Sardinia, Italy; Costa Smeralda; Seaside resorts; Real estate development; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism; His Highness The Aga Khan


Sardinia, Italy



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