Arbuckle Mountains (Okla.); Amusement parks; Christian life; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism


Jerry Hagee and his associates (members of his family) had long had a deep seated ambition to build a biblically themed park that would become a landmark destination for the tourist visitor in general and the millions of evangelical Christians in the country, particularly in the South. The family operated a successful, free enclosure, safari type zoo attraction and visitor center at its park in the Arbuckle Mountains on Interstate Highway 35, midway between Oklahoma City and Dallas/Fort Worth. This site was large and expandable and considered as the primary location for the contemplated project. The proposed project was a new and untried concept and for that reason, Harrison Price Company recommended that its evaluation be launched with a charrette conference, involving the Hagees, designers, and park planners as participants. The summary statement follows in sequence the progression of the conference. It endeavored to set the stage for the feasibility evaluations and conceptual definitions which were pertinent to the next step of project master planning. The report has the following sections: site, market size, Evangelical market, seasonality, attendance at existing attractions, developers’ concept of the park, attendance, refinement of the concept, conceptual details of the Ark, The Village of Jerusalem, Herod's Palace, The New Testament, The Old Testament, King Solomon's Mine, and Trip to Israel.


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Arbuckle Mountains (Okla.); Regional attractions; Evangelicals; Amusement parks; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic Research; Tourism


Arbuckle Mountains (Okla.)



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