Knoxville (Tenn.); World's Fair of 1982; Urban renewal; Feasibility studies; Marketing research; Economic research; Tourism; Recreation areas; Amusements


The Harrison Price Company was contracted by the City of Knoxville, Tennessee to aid the City in determining how best to deal with the problems and opportunities of redeveloping the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair site for the benefit of the community at large and evaluate new concept alternatives for the site, with special consideration for its touristic development potential. It was reasoned that recreational and tourist use of the property could yield opportunities and potentials for generating new money and activity for the City. Further employment of this extraordinary parcel of land in conventional uses seemed quite inappropriate. In the interest of completing this assignment in the shortest possible time, HPC conducted a charrette, or brainstorming session, in Knoxville on February 7 and 8, 1984. The resulting report from charrette has the following sections: introduction, the site, available market, resident market, tourist market, alternative conventional users, commercial office, hotel, retails, retail, residential, other uses proposed for the site, river cruise, railroad attraction, theme park, U.S. pavilion, sports memorabilia museum, science museum, East Tennessee Arts Pavilion, botanical garden/aviary/aquarium, and existing recreation and entertainment facilities, urban planning considerations, and proposed concept.


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Knoxville (Tenn.); World's Fair of 1982; Redevelopment; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism; Recreation areas; Entertainment


Knoxville (Tenn.)



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