Jackson (Wyo.); Real property valuation; Ranches


Mr. Steven Bonnett, Vice President, Trust Division of Pittsburgh National Bank served as executor of the estate of the late Henry Oliver, Jr. Mr. Bonnett retained Vern Englehorn and Frank Kemp of Denver to appraise the fair market value of two assets owned by Mr. Oliver, the Poodle Ranch and the Four Lazy F Ranch in Teton County, Wyoming. Mr. Bonnett subsequently retained the Harrison Price Company to critique the Englehorn/Kemp appraisal and the subsequent IRS appraisal based on that report, with particular reference to establishing the cash equivalent value associated with the comparable sales cited in the Englehorn/Kemp appraisal. HPC research program included a physical inspection of each comparable sale, a review of their development entitlements, confirmation of terms of sale, and interviews with appropriate investing institutions to determine the discount rate they would have employed at the relevant valuation date of January 11, 1978 if they were to purchase those notes at that date. The report was prepared by Stephen S. Watts, Director of Real Estate for the Harrison Price Company. Appendix A contains a resume of Mr. Watts as well as his qualifications statement relative to the HPC.


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Jackson (Wyo.); Ranches; Land; Real estate; Valuations; Appraisals


Jackson (Wyo.)



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