Acapulco (Mexico); Public marine aquariums; Design; Business planning; Economic research; Marketing research; Feasibility studies; Tourism


Fideicomiso Acapulco was planning a themed aquarium complex in the heart of Acapulco, Mexico that included a public park, shopping and dining facilities, and an amphitheater. Fideicomiso Acapulco retained the Harrison Price Company (HPC) to analyze the feasibility of the project conceived by the client group, while allowing for refinements introduced by management personnel of Sea World, Inc., of San Diego, who were independently retained as technical consultants. The resulting interim report presents the findings of HPC’s analysis, which were preliminary as the specific content and precise physical layout of the attraction continued to evolve. The report has the following sections: section 1, introduction; section 2, summary and conclusions; section 3, site and market environment; section 4, concept evaluation and development budget; section 5, attendance analysis and physical planning guidelines; section 6, preliminary financial analysis; Appendix A, proposal for consulting services feasibility of a themed park attraction in Acapulco. The report includes 36 tables.


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Acapulco (Mexico); Aquariums; Sea Life Parks; Designs; Master plans; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism


Acapulco (Mexico)

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