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Outlook for the Proposed Undersea World Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix (Ariz.); Public marine aquariums; Design; Business planning; Economic research; Marketing research; Feasibility studies; Tourism


At the request of the City of Phoenix, the Harrison Price Company (HPC) evaluated the proposal to develop a commercial aquarium attraction known as Undersea World in downtown Phoenix. HPC’s analysis was based on a review of the feasibility study for the project prepared by Leisure and Recreation Concepts, Inc. The HPC report has the following sections: concept and site description; capital investments; site orientation map for the proposed Underwater World Aquarium; available market and projected attendance; physical capacity guidelines; attendance history for selected major aquariums; admission price schedule at major aquariums in the United States 1993; yield on adult ticket prices at selected major aquariums; costs of goods sold; operating expenses; pro forma financial analysis; and breakeven analysis.


Harrison Price Company


Phoenix, City of

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Phoenix (Ariz.); Aquariums; Sea Life Parks; Designs; Master plans; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism


Phoenix (Ariz.)

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