Heerlen (Netherlands); Beekse Bergen; Recreation centers; Amusement parks; Tourism; Marketing research; Economic research; Business planning


Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP) in Heerlen, The Netherlands retained the Harrison Price Company (HPC) to evaluate acquisition and development options at the Beekse Bergen park of Tilburg in Brabant. At the time Beekse Bergen was owned jointly by the cities of Tilburg (15/16th ownership), and was acquirable due to the cities’ apparent reluctance to fund operating losses, which the park had sustained in recent years. ABP had a continuing interest in the theme park industry, particularly with regard to the proposed Water Wonderland project, and in April 1983 retained HPC to assess the outlook for theme park development in the Netherlands. In consideration of the above, HPC was requested to address the following specific issues: 1) the suitability of the Beekse Bergen recreation park as a site for Water Wonderland or similar venture; 2) the extent to which the Safari Park contributes to the Beekse Bergen site in the context of the development of Water Wonderland or similar venture; 3) an assessment of the management structure for Beekse Bergen in a redeveloped configuration; 4) the relative merits of acquiring De Efteling as an additional investment opportunity operating in conjunction with a reconfigured Beekse Bergen; 5) the relative merits of a bungalow park at Beekse Bergen.


Harrison Price Company


Almegeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds Heerlen, The Netherlands

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Heerlen (Netherlands); Beekse Bergen; Water Wonderland; Recreation centers; Amusement parks; Waterparks; Land use planning; Business planning; Feasibility studies; Market research; Economic research; Tourism.


Heerlen (Netherlands)



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