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This ledger records the plot information of the sale of land from Henry Shelton Sanford to residents of Sanford, Florida. The ledger also includes the plot information of the sale of land from the Florida Land and Colonization Company to residents of Sanford. Each page provides the name of the seller, the buyer, the date of contract (and in some cases, the deed), the amount of money transferred, and the individual plot information. The individual plots have been trancscribed into typescript, and every effort has been made to transcribe them true to print, except in the case of adding commas for readability, or in instances of illegibility. This ledger also includes a handwritten copy of the legal transferance of the land held by Henry S. Sanford to Edwyn Sandys Dawes, George Augustus Thomson, and Anthony Norris, trustees for the Florida Land and Colonization Company. Blank pages in the ledger were not scanned. These pages are: 436-499 inclusive, 502-549 inclusive, 555-569 inclusive, 574-581 inclusive, 584-599 inclusive, and page 616. See individual pages for complete plot information.


Account books -- Florida -- Sanford

Date Issued

ca. 1871-1883

Number of Pages

616 p.


21 cm. x 32 cm. x 5 cm.


Sanford Museum






Sanford (Fla.)

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All rights to images are held by the respective holding institution. This image is posted publicly for non-profit educational uses, excluding printed publication. For permission to reproduce images and/or for copyright information contact the Sanford Museum, 520 East First Street, Sanford, FL 32772 (407-688-5198) http://www.sanfordfl.gov/index.html

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