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Thursday, June 23rd

Cradle to the Classroom: Media Scholars Raising Media Saturated Kids During the Pandemic

Kelly Kessler, DePaul University
Sharon M. Ross, Columbia College Chicago
Avi Santo, Old Dominion University
Kyra Hunting, University of Kentucky
Jonathan Nichols-Pethick, DePauw University
Kathleen A. Paciga, Columbia College Chicago
Elizabeth Davis Berg, Columbia College Chicago

Romance, Race, and Rhetoric: Online Fans and Media Companies Negotiate the Interracial Dynamics of Bridgerton and The Bachelor

Sharon M. Ross, Columbia College Chicago
Jennifer Sadler, Columbia College Chicago

The Racial Politics of Comedy in Shame TV

Sarah Hagelin, University of Colorado, Denver
Gillian Silverman, University of Colorado, Denver

TV Limited Series and Strategies of Reinvention

Molly A. Schneider, Columbia College Chicago
R. Colin Tait, Texas Christian University
Andrew J. Owens, University of Iowa
Jennifer Lynn Jones, University of Tulsa

“What Does Karen Chee Know?”: Examining the Limitations and Progressive Potential of Asian American Women’s Representation on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Madison Barnes-Nelson, Colorado State University - Fort Collins

3:00 PM

Laughter is the Best Poison: Antagonistic Humor as the Handmaiden of Hate Speech

Pratiksha Menon, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Friday, June 24th

A Nation of Girls Stuck in the Valley: The Transmedia Proliferation of the Valley Girl

Alice Leppert, Ursinus College

“Adapting to the Dark- Managing Fear Through True Crime”

Jessica Hoover, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

All work, low pay in a lockdown economy: How the pandemic reveals invisible gendered labor and how information technologies obscure it

Micky Lee, Suffolk University

And the Award Goes to.... BLACK LIVES MATTER: Manifestation of uplift and racial reckoning at the 2020 BET Awards

Lily Kunda, University of Texas at Austin

Intersectional Morphs: From Michael Jackson to the “New Face of America”

Tanine Allison, Emory University

Matchmaker: Emerging Technology and 1980s Narrative Television

Myrna Moretti

Parallel Reckonings: Revisiting Racist Legacies in Comic Book Television Series and Atlanta Filming Locations

Ethan D. Tussey, Georgia State University

Reinventing Franchises: Gender Swapping and (In)Equity

Chelsea G. McCracken, SUNY Oneonta

“She never called it rape”: Gender, power, and credibility in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

Sarah Erickson, Trinity University
Kailey Lopez, Texas A & M University - College Station

10:00 AM

From Devour to Abhor: True Crime Television Viewers and Nonviewers

Amanda R. Keeler, Marquette University

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

3:00 PM

Si(gh)tation: Targeting Race in Advertisements after the George Floyd Protests

Kai T. Prins, University of Wisconsin-Madison

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Saturday, June 25th

G-Forcing the Issue: Intersectional Struggles in Online Theme Park and Coaster Fandoms

Myles McNutt, Old Dominion University

“It’s Like Having Matching Tattoos—On the Inside:” 
(Re-)imagining a Feminist One Tree Hill Set

Kristina Bruening, University of Texas at Austin

Soleil Moon Frye Reprising: The Punky Power of 80s and 90s Nostalgia

Kristen Galvin, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Talking To Your Children About Race: TBN's Daytime Talk Show "Better Together" and Evangelical Womanhood

Kayti Lausch, Coe College

The Undermined Legitimacy of Female American Presidents on Primetime Television

Emily Saidel, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

“We Converted You to Mickey!”: The Gendered Expectations of Couples’ Fandom in Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

Andrew Zolides, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH

10:00 AM

Nepantla Meets Penumbra: Resistance to White Neoliberal Feminism in "What the Constitution Means to Me"

Lesley Stevenson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

3:00 PM

Reinventing First Nations Feminist Thought through Television: Mohawk Girls and Settler Colonialism in Canada

Elizabeth Rule, American University

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM