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Thursday, June 23rd

“I just came back from 7 months at hogwarts...”: #Shifttok and contemporary fan labour

Claire Whitley Ms, Flinders University
Katharine Perrotta Ms, Flinders University

Perspectives on Navigating Academic Careers

Erin A. Meyers, Oakland University
Courtney Brannon Donoghue, University of North Texas
Erika Johnson-Lewis, St. Petersburg College
Jennifer Lynn Jones, University of Tulsa
Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, University of Texas at Dallas
Brandy Monk-Payton, Fordham University
Karen Petruska, Gonzaga University

Queer time, queer feeling and queer sex in The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2018)

Samantha Colling, Manchester Metropolitan University

Reinventing Digital Materialism: Queer Art Towards Revolutionary Politics

Sam Hunter, University of California, Los Angeles

Reinventing the Sea Shanty and Other Memetic Video as Collective Chorus

Tanya D. Zuk, Georgia State University

#SelfLoveChallenge: Remixing Feminisms in the Body Positivity Movement on TikTok

Laura Schumacher, University of Wisconsin-Madison

What Does it Mean? Berries and Cream!: Towards a Feminist Praxis in TikTok’s Memetic Cultures

Sarah Whitcomb Laiola, Coastal Carolina University

10:00 AM

Calibrating My Compass: The Quest for Lesbian Futurity

Sarah Cooper, Clemson University

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Friday, June 24th

Cheugy Millennials vs. Gen Z Drip Checks: Unpacking TikTok’s Generational Wars

Jacqueline R. Vickery, University of North Texas

Emotional Voices: Intimacy and Gendered Discourse in Podcast Production Culture

Andrew J. Bottomley, SUNY Oneonta

Hidden Feminist Histories of American Network Television

Amanda A. Klein, East Carolina University
Suzanne Leonard, Simmons University
Elizabeth Elcessor, University of Virginia - Main Campus
Adrien Sebro, The University of Texas, Austin
Kyra Hunting, University of Kentucky
Jane Shattuc, Emerson College

“I Feel Attacked”: Cringe, Cool, and Collective Identity on TikTok

Margaret Rossman, Bellarmine University

Imitation publics, imitation pop: A feminist platform analysis of Olivia Rodrigo's self-branding on TikTok

Jessica Sage Rauchberg, McMaster University

tenuous temporal attachments: music videos and queer imaginings

Katherine Elizabeth Hinders, University of Kansas

“There is no such thing as a slut”: Creating and destroying the “good girl” in Taylor Swift’s musical persona

Adriane J. Brown, Augsburg University

Who Took the Bomp? Licensing Kathleen Hanna

Alyxandra Vesey, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa

Saturday, June 25th

Athlete Activism in the WNBA through #SayHerName

Kendra Gilbertson, University of Central Florida

Free, Multilingual, and Employing Experts: DAZN’s YouTube Distribution of UEFA Women’s Champions League to Meet Women's Soccer Fanbase Expectations

Charlotte E. Howell, Boston University

Naomi Osaka and the Athlete Mental Health Moment

Jennifer McClearen, University of Texas at Austin

Ryan Murphy's Queer America

Brenda R. Weber, Indiana University - Bloomington
Julia Himberg, Arizona State University
Sarah E.S. Sinwell, University of Utah
Lauren Savit, Indiana University - Bloomington
Jennifer E. Maher, Indiana University - Bloomington

Welcome (Back) to the 80s: (Re)Viewing Intersectional 1980s Media Culture

Alfred Martin, University of Iowa
Taylor Cole Miller, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Eleanor Patterson, Auburn University
Hollis Griffin, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Elizabeth Nathanson, Muhlenberg College