superconducting critical temperature, multiple regression, gradient-boosted model


This study focuses on developing a statistical model for estimating the superconducting critical temperature (Tc) of materials using a data-driven strategy. The study analyzed 21,263 superconductors and used a combination of multiple regression and gradient-boosted models to make predictions. The analysis included a descriptive analysis of the distribution of Tc, feature selection using the Backwards selection method, and model diagnostics. The results showed that the gradient-boosted method outperformed the multiple linear regression method with an RMSE of 12.01 and an R2 value of 88.23 after fine-tuning its hyperparameters. The study concludes that the gradient-boosted method is an effective approach for accurately predicting Tc in superconducting materials.


Spring 2023

Course Name

STA 5703 Data Mining 1

Instructor Name

Xie, Rui


College of Sciences

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Data Science Commons