Stephen M. LeBruto; Larry Staton


During the summer months of 1994 through 2001, the Rosen School of Hospitality Management's Dick Pope Sr. Institute for Tourism Studies at the University of Central Florida has conducted a survey of Central Florida hospitality industry properties regarding wage rates and employee benefits. This ongoing project has been sponsored by the Hotel Human Resource Association of Central Florida and has been supported by the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association. This comprehensive study solicits and reports data on wages and benefits from 410 hospitality organizations covering 120 occupational/hourly job titles and 47 management/supervisory positions. It also requests data on 29 positions unique-to the Vacation Ownership Industry. The first final report in 1994 summarized data from 32 companies. The 2001 report includes data from 54 reporting organizations. An attempt was made to collect data on vacation ownership positions, including the methods and bases for computing commissions, however due to insufficient response this information is not being reported.


Dick Pope Institute, Rosen College, hospitality research, tourism research; hotel wages

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