Overall, the majority of the survey respondents were interested in visiting a religious theme park or attraction. Approximately two-thirds of the sample expressed interest in visiting a religious theme park in Central Florida upon hearing a brief and general description of the concept. The proportion of respondents interested in visiting the park increased after respondents were told more about what the park would include, that no effort would be made to convert anyone from one religion to another, and that the park would not be involved with any television evangelist. Finally, after learning that the park would be a Christian theme attraction with a full-size Noah's Ark and a recreation of a city from the Bible, respondents expressing likelihood to visit the park increased to nearly three-fourths of the entire sample. The statistical tests on the data indicated that certain sub-groups in the sample were more likely to be interested in visiting the religious theme park than others. Those respondents who were more likely to visit the Christian theme park: 1- Traveled to Central Florida by private automobile rather than by air, 2. Had annual incomes between $20,000 and $50,000 rather than over $90,000, 3. Were members of the Church of England, Catholic, or Baptist churches rather than those who had no religious affiliation, 4. Had visited Cypress Gardens, and 5. Expressed an interest in parades, historical exhibits, and religious exhibits. Additionally, those who were more likely to visit the proposed Christian theme park also tended think that: 1. Central Florida is an ideal location for a religious theme park, 2. A religious theme park would be a good place to teach children the stories of the Bible, 3. A religious theme park would be a good place to learn about current issues facing society such as drug abuse and abortion, 4. The park should be run by a non-profit organization, 5. The proposed park should focus on Christianity, and 6. There should be exhibits on other religions as well. The features or facilities that were most likely to interest those who were likely to visit the park included: 1. Recreations of events from the Bible and a recreation of a city from the Bible, 2. A water ride in a boat where events from the Bible are portrayed, 3. Presentations about missionary work around the world, and 4. Games and crafts of various religions. Respondents who were likely to visit the Christian theme park were likely to be interested in all of the Bible themes mentioned in the survey. Some themes, however, were more highly correlated with likelihood to visit the park. Specifically, likelihood to visit a Christian theme park was most correlated with interest in the following Bible themes: 1. Stories about Jesus' life (birth, miracles, resurrection), 2. Moses receiving the 10 Commandments, 3. The story of creation, 4. Noah's Ark, and 5. The Garden of Eden.


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