Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Media Festival

2020 – Orlando – Virtual Edition

The annual Electronic Literature Organization Conference and Media Arts Festival (ELO) was originally scheduled to be held July 16-19, 2020, at the University of Central Florida in downtown Orlando.As a result of the global pandemic, the conference was migrated online, with a mix of live and asynchronous events. This repository includes both the recorded live and submitted asynchronous works, and is open to all.

ELO is a conference dedicated to electronic literature, or e-lit–literary works in which computation forms some essential part of the aesthetic. #ELOrlando offers an opportunity to share research and creative contributions within an engaging, collegial atmosphere comprising e-lit scholars and practitioners from across the globe.

The theme for ELO 2020 was “(un)continuity”: participants are invited to explore fluidity and nonbinary concepts, including, re/presentation; categorization; spectra of light, sound, and the ultra/infra visible; social organization; unity; and discord.

Please enjoy this archive of both the live and asynchronous program. We've included full documentation for as many events as possible.

  • Anastasia Salter, Conference Chair, University of Central Florida
  • Mel Stanfill, Conference Co-Chair, University of Central Florida

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Asynchronous Track
This section includes all works submitted as part of the asynchronous track at ELOrlando: every work includes either video documentation or a full paper, available open access.
Live Track (Recorded)
The recorded, archived live events held at ELOrlando. Full documentation is provided wherever possible.