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A dictionary of the revolution

Amira Hanafi

A Stretch of the Imagination: Transforming Writing Under Constraint into an Inclusive Practice

Hannah Ackermans, University of Bergen

Before the Byte, There Was the Word: Exploring the Provenance and Import of the "Computer Word" for Humans, for Digital Computers, and for Their Relations

Johannah Rodgers, Independent Artist/Scholar

Character Building as Narrative Design in Cosmonet and From Ivan

Sean B. Bloom, University of Southern California
Martzi Campos, University of Southern California

Coding as Reading in Digital Literature

Mark C. Marino, University of Southern California

Compasses: Expressive interpolations of spelling and sound

Allison Parrish, New York University

EnTwining the data: A digital arts-based representation of research

Rachel S. Horst, University of British Columbia
Esteban Morales, University of British Columbia

Exploring Tangible Learning Artifacts: The Development of BeadED Adventures

Emily K. Johnson, University of Central Florida
Anne Sullivan, Georgia Institute of Technology

Feral Hyperfic: surveying discontinuous hypertext fiction communities

Jeremy Douglass, University of California - Santa Barbara

From Vector-space to the Fluidity of the Written Signs: the Aesthetics of Chinese Visual Embeddings

Qianxun Chen

“I Have Weird Ideas About What It Means To Be A Man”: Aughties Multimedia Masculinity in Achewood

Ken A. Alba, Boston University

If This Junk Could Talk: How to "Haunt" Objects with Stories

Jesse R. Vigil, University of Southern California
Martzi Campos, University of Southern California

Listening to Change: Activism, Archives and Audio Augmented Reality

Andrew Demirjian

Maintaining Your Character(s) in Netprov

Rob Wittig, University of Minnesota - Duluth

Metalepsis and Mourning: Using electronic literature to explore our different responses to grief and loss

Karen Lowry, SAE Institute

Mirroring Tears and the Re-Reading Continuum: Notes Towards a Non-Algorithmic Criticism

Mauro Carassai, California State University, Northridge

Neuronovels As Hypertext

Bonnie Cross, University of Central Florida

Oops We Did It Again: Problematizing Climate Change Representations in Games with Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Kirk M. Lundblade, University of Central Florida

"Oralengas" go to school. A first experiment

Ana Maria Machado, University of Coimbra
Rui Torres, University Fernando Pessoa
Ana Albuquerque e Aguilar, University of Coimbra
Júlia Zuza Andrade, University of Coimbra
Luís Lucas Pereira, University of Coimbra
Thales Estefani, University of Coimbra

Playing Pregnant in Death Stranding

Korine Powers, Boston University

“Quote Tweet, Don’t Reply!”: The History of K-Pop Fandoms’ Twitter AUs and Roots in Interactive Storytelling

Lauren Rouse, University of Central Florida

Search and consume: Consummation of desire among the database animals

Yuya Takeda, University of British Columbia
Kedrick James, University of British Columbia

Somatic Ghosting

Alan Sondheim

Static Echoes: Exploring the Life and Closing of the Free Twine Hosting Service,

Dan Cox, University of Central Florida

Stories that Go Between: Cell Phone Fiction and the Experience of Travel

Kristine Kelly, Case Western Reserve University

Super Baguettes, Space World Cup, and Moon Pope: Collaborative storytelling in megagames through metaplay

Jack Murray, University of Central Florida

Temporal Aesthetics in Digital Comics: An Introduction for Makers and Researchers

Erik Loyer

The prescription of approaching the Chinese text in interactive works

Yue-Jin Ho, The Open University of Hong Kong

Through the Portal, and What Michael Joyce Found There

David Ciccoricco, Univ. of Otago

Twine Games for Health & Science Communication

Lyle Skains, Manchester Metropolitan University

Under the Surface: The Horrific Instability of Aaron A. Reed's Subcutanean

Andrew Ferguson