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Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast Episode 24: Winter 2015


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In this episode, of the FHQ Podcast we interviewed Dr. Sherry Johnson who was the guest editor of the Special Issue of the FHQ that examines the 18th Century of Florida. This is the third of a 6 part special issue that will examine the Quincentennial of Ponce De Leon's first visit to Florida.

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Dr. Daniel Murphree


Dr. Daniel Murphree


Sherry Johnson

Date Created

Winter 2015


18th Century; Spanish Sovereignty; Atlantic History; Atlantic World; Historical Archaeology; James Grant; Revolutionary War; Southern Campaigns; Deviants; Sodomy; Legal History; Henry O'Neil; Spanish Monarchy; Economic shifts; Adaptation; Geography; Cattle; Citrus; Spanish Court Politics


Also in this Issue:

Special Issue Introduction by the FHQ Editors

by Connie L. Lester and Daniel Murphree

The Historiography of Eighteenth-Century Florida

by Sherry Johnson

James Grant, British East Florida, and the Impending Imperial Crisis, 1764-1771

by Susan Schwartz

“Cast Away off the Bar”: The Archaeological Investigation of British Period Shipwrecks in St. Augustine

by Chuck Meide

The Failure of Great Britain’s “Southern Expedition” of 1776: Revisiting Southern Campaigns in the Early Years of the American Revolution, 1775-1779

by Roger Smith

Slanders and Sodomy: Studying the Past through Colonial Crime Investigation

By James Cusick

Mayhem and Murder in the East Florida Frontier, 1783 to 1789

by Diane Boucher

Length of Episode

34 minutes


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Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast Episode 24: Winter 2015