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Diplomats, Spies, & Their Common Cause: American Initiative, Spanish Support, & The Revolutionary War Along the Mississippi & Gulf Coast by Henry B. Motty
A New Territory: "By Attention and Kindness, All Repugnance May be Overcome" by Philip M. Smith
Captain Charles E. Hawkins, "The Key West Tragedy," and the "Unwritten Law," 1827-1830 by James M. Denham
Charting a Path toward an Indigenous History of Florida by Denise I Bossy and Andrew K. Frank
An Apalachee Revolt?: Reconceptualizing Violence in Seventeenth-Century Apalachee by Aubrey Lauersdorf
"We Have Always Been Cow People": Alachua Seminole Identity and Autonomy, 1750-1776 by Jason Herbert
"The Land we live in is our own": Indigenous Conceptions of Space in Eighteenth-Century Florida by Jason Hill
Remembering an Indigenous South: Regional Identity, Vero Beach, and Settler Tourism by Kristalyn Marie Shefveland
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