Bennett, Florida Explored: The Philadelphia Connection in Bartram's Tracks. by Jane H. Plummer; Kushlan, Seeking the American Tropics: South Horida's Early Naturalists. by Roger Chapman; Cecere, March to Independence: The American Revolution in the Southern Colonies, 1775-1776, by David Head; Denham and Honeycutt, eds., The Letters of George Long Broum: A Yankee Merchant on Rorida's Antebellum Frontier. by Mark R. Cheathem; Levin, Searching for Black Confederares: The Civil War's Most Persistent Myth. by Joshua Butler; Castillo, Working In the Magic City: Moral Economy in Early Twentieth-Century Miami. By Martin T. Olliff; Mormino, Millard Fillmore Caldwell: Governing on the Wrong Side of History. by Robert A. Taylor; White, Blood, Sweat, & Tears: Jake Gaither, Florida A&M, and the History of Black College Football. by Fon Gordon; Hurchalla, Jane Wood Reno: The Extraordinary Life of Miami's Trailblazing Journalist. by Eliot Kleinberg; Dunbar and Haridopolos, The Modern Republican Party in Florida. by Joshua D. Farrington

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