Ethan Watford


Florida has long been an amalgam of cultures and peoples, only magnifying in its diversity with the rapid and continued population growth since the mid-twentieth century. As a result, the state has garnered an extensive history of varying cultures and groups that have transformed its history and identity. Within these movements stand individuals whose lives and ideals can best represent their groups as a whole. The life of Joseph Velezdy, a seemingly innocuous Central Florida retiree, is one such example. On the surface, Joseph was a childless retired barber from Miami who spent the final decades of his life with his wife Mary in Brevard County, Florida. Beneath that modest exterior, we see Joseph in a clearer light. He was not only one of the millions ofdisplaced Hungarians whose lives were uprooted in a post-World War II Soviet takeover of their home country, but a skilled twentieth century composer whose artistic expressions never met their fullest potential.

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