R. E. Pittman


According to Prof. F. H. Hodder, in the introduction to his reprint of Pittman’s work entitled “The Present State of the European Settlements on the Mississippi,” there are but few available biographical data pertaining to Pittman. Hodder there presents such information as he was able to collect. Apparently Pittman must have accompanied the first British detachment occupying Florida, he states that he “resided four years as an engineer in those parts” and it is known that he left towards the close of 1768. Apparently during 1767 he was occupied in making surveys in different parts of West Florida, as records survive indicating his departure from. Pensacola for Apalachee on June 16, 1767. However the four reports here considered, submitted by Lieut. Pittman to General Haldimand bear no date. They are preserved among the Haldimand papers in the Public Archives of Canada, where they are calendared as Series B (Haldimand) Vol. 17, pp. 313-325. They are respectively numbered 313, 316, 319 and 322.)