Longfellow immortalized the banishment of the Arcadians, yet a voluntary expatriation equally as touching received only a brief notice in a Pensacola newspaper of 1857: The Exodus:-On Tuesday last thirty five free colored persons took their departure from this city for Tampico, and in a few days the balance who are still remaining will also leave. for the same place. It was a painful sight to see them parting from their friends and their native country to seek homes in a foreign land. They take with them the sympathy of all our citizens on account of the causes which have lead them to leave us, and also their best wishes for their future happiness and prosperity in their new home. 1 In the Port of Pensacola column of the same date is listed the clearance of the Schooner Pinta - Latham, Master - for Tampico by Keyser, McVoy and Co. with a cargo of 6200 feet of lumber and 26,325 shingles.