Peter Haskew


Reverend Peter Haskew, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, while serving on the “St. Joseph Station and Apalachicola Mission” in 1839 wrote the diary from which extracts follow. It has been edited with notes by Mr. F. W. Hoskins, in whose possession it is. The Reverend Mr. Haskew was born in Alabama in 1803. He was licensed to preach on September 4, 1834. Joining the Alabama Conference on trial in the following December, he was admitted in full connection on January 4, 1837. His first appointment was the Cedar Creek Circuit, Mobile District, for 1835; followed by Monticello, Irwinton District, for 1896; Green, Greensboro District, for 1837; Winchester, Mobile District, for 1838. He was appointed to St. Joseph Station and Apalachicola Mission by the Conference in Montgomery, Alabama, January 4-6, 1839. When he reached St. Joseph is unknown. The day begins on April 24, but possibly earlier leaves have been lost. After leaving St. Joseph near the end of 1839 he served other appointments in the Alabama Conference until 1848 when he was transferred to the Arkansas Conference. Here he served on various appointments and as Presiding Elder until late in 1858 when he located at his own request.