Moses Elias Levy Yulee George R. Fairbanks
The Timucua Indians of Sixteenth Century Florida W. W. Ehrmann
The First Protestant Service in North America T. Frederick Davis
A Stowe Memorial K. W. Hooker
An 1870 Itinerary from St. Augustine to Miami
Typoscripts of Manuscripts made by Florida Historical Records Survey
The Union Catalog of Floridiana
A Digest of Florida Material in Niles’ Register
Book Reviews:

  • Leonard, “Spanish Approach to Pensacola.” Mark F. Boyd
  • ‘‘Woodward’s Reminiscences of the Creek Indians.’’
  • Dorrance and Macartney, “The Bonapartes in America.” A. J. Hanna
  • Pennington, “Soldier and Servant, John Freeman Young.”
  • Davis, ‘‘The Cotton Kingdom in Alabama.”
  • Lockey, “Essays in Pan-Americanism.”

The Florida Historical Society:

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