W. J. Winter


The Board of Directors last year authorized President Hanna to organize a committee on archeology, and Dr. Winter, an experienced archeologist, was appointed chairman. His graduate work was done at the University of Chicago, and during the past three years, as Archeologist and Assistant Director of Research for the St. Augustine Historical Program of Carnegie Institution of Washington, he has surveyed in a general way the archeological research possibilities of Florida. The other members of the committee are: D. Graham Copeland, Francis B. Crowninshield, Dr. A. R. L. Dohme, W. B. Goodwin, R. R. Otis, Mrs. Doris Stone, and Mrs. Millar Wilson. The report of the committee shows that a foundation has been laid for this important development of the Society’s work. It is being financed through Contributing Memberships secured by Professor Hanna who is assisting the committee in other ways also. Included in this report is a paper read at a recent meeting of the Society by Mrs. Stone of the Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University.